Join the collective to empower our youth

Creating communities of impact to enable organisations to empower and upskill young people of Aotearoa collectively.

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Youth Service Organisations

Promote your services through your profile page to connect with young people. Post events and learning opportunities about services and support youth to achieve their goals.

Educational Institutions

With the tap of a single button sync all of your social networks and companies information to inform your potential employees about your workplace culture and values and bring your brand to life.


Navigators are users that have access to our high end client/youth management system (CMS). This allows navigators to support, track and report on various outcomes in collaboration with youth. Navigators are users that work exclusively to help young people

Join the collective to empower our youth.


More than just a platform.

Utilising collective impact, Youth Hub is redefining the way organisations work together to empower young people through collaboration, mentoring and employment opportunities.



Youth Service



Inspire, identify and inform your next generation of talent to help sculpt a skilled, informed and engaged workforce. Create jobs for free, share latest trends and follow talent.


Youth Hub connects educators to bridge the gap between education and employment. Schools, tertiary, industry training organisations, private training establishments and teacherscan stay in touch with student journeys while actionable data helps map curriculum and digitally archives student work and promote evidence of learning and skills gained.

Youth Services

Youth service organisations mentor and support youth pathways. Be it training, health, education or work related issues youth organisations are there to help and share information and opportunities available to young people.


At the core of the eco-system young people power Youth Hub. Not only does Youth Hub capture youth voice and choice, it helps level the playing field for all young people to achieve education, training and employment outcomes.

We would love to have you on board

As the first Collective Impact platform focused on the education, training and employment journey of a young person, Youth Hub is committed to supporting stakeholders across New Zealand to bring forth ideas and strategies to empower our rangatahi. We look forward to creating our next communities of impact.