YouthHub Coordinator

06 Aug 2018, 10:31 am

Age restrictions on where a young person can work
Employees under 14
An under 14-year-old cannot work as a babysitter, au pair or nanny without adult supervision because it’s an offence to leave any child under 14 unsupervised.

Employees under 15 years
An employee or contractor who is under 15 years cannot work:
• on a logging site eg a forest where trees are being cut down or processed
• on a construction site
• in any area where goods or hazardous substances are being manufactured
• in any area where the work requires lifting heavy weight
• in any area where the work being done is likely to harm the employee
• with any machinery or assist work with any machinery.

These restrictions also apply to people under 15 years visiting the workplace. They don't apply if the employee works at all times in an office in that area, or in any part of that area used only for selling goods or services. They don't apply to visitors who are under direct adult supervision, on a guided tour or are in areas open to the public.

Employees under 18 years
An employer cannot employ anybody aged less than 18 years to work in:
• any restricted area of a licensed premises while that area is open for the sale of liquor, unless they are employed preparing or serving any meal, cleaning, repairing, maintaining, altering or restocking the area of any equipment, removing or replacing any equipment, stocktaking, or checking or removing cash
• direct access to gaming machines in gaming venues such as bars, taverns and clubs where a gaming machine society has obtained a licence to operate gaming machines

Employees under 20
Under 20-year-olds can’t work in parts of casinos where gambling takes place, or undertake any gambling-related duties.